𝔡 𝔞 𝔯 𝔎 𝔪 𝔬 𝔬 𝔫
☽ t h e s c a v e n g e r s ' s o n ☾

Darkmoon is my main fursona and has been for my entire time in the fandom. He probably always will be. He's polyamorous as I am, but can only be drawn in romantic interactions with my partners' characters unless you have permission otherwise, and the pairing won't be "canon". If we haven't discussed it or aren't super close friends, please don't draw him in NSFW situations.

He is partners with Blackantlers, luridcorona, and Vera, and may be drawn with any of their fursonas.

His coat is goldenrod (tannish orange) on top, and lighter, more yellowy-gold underneath. His cheek pads and lower jaw are the same as his underside, as are his fingers. He's got huge, fluffy ears with fringing. Feet are plantigrade. Hair can be any length of undercut. Back of it is always black, front color varies but is most commonly a green-blue-purple fade (green at roots), or silver-white. Tail is also stupidly large and fluffy. Fashion ranges from masculine to feminine in expression, and makeup is often worn. Fashion styles include DIY punk, nu goth, deathrock, strega, gothic lolita, and dark cult party kei.

Darkmoon has a "baphomet" form featuring an elongated neck and ruff like a vulture, female black witch moth wings, cloven hooves for feet, and horns like a Jacob's sheep. In this form he also has actual eyes on his wrists and an eye where his navel would be. A small Neptune symbol is on his forehead. He has a halo that is usually either a gold circle (think Byzantine art, older styles of halos) or the current moon phase, but feel free to play around with it. 

name  darkmoon s. keigh
species  coyote x jackal
birthday  3/19/1993
height  5'7"
gender  trans male, nonbinary
pronouns  he/his/him
orientation   queer & polyam
playlist (wip)  
𝔇𝔢𝔱𝔞𝔦𝔩𝔢𝔡 ℑ𝔫𝔣𝔬𝔯𝔪𝔞𝔱𝔦𝔬𝔫
Darkmoon is my most literal self-representation. He has no wild or interesting backstory. I've had him since 2006. He's undergone transition along with me, and has gotten a few small (but significant) design changes but overall he's pretty much recognizable as the same fursona I started with. However, since making Ambrose et. al., he's come to serve as a primary representation of my main aesthetic and truest moods; goth stuff, being upset a lot, etc.

Mid-20s, artist, student, getting his shit together, doing activism...y'know, Felix things.
height5'7" / 170.18cm
nail colorany
buildslender. Thin legs.
hair colorblack • multicolor
eye colorrich brown
gums coloraubergine
tongue colorflesh pink
dominant handright
blood/flesh colornormal
2"+ plugs in lobes, smaller plugs in second lobe piercing, and 18g in third lobe piercing; those are mandatory. Other ear piercings are literally whatever you want no matter how ridiculolus. Think glamfur aesthetic. Facial piercings (mandatory): double nostril spikes, thick septum ring, large philtrum (medusa) piercing, snakebite studs, and a vertical labret spike.

Mandatory tattoo: black witch moth on neck, 3 black parentheses/gills on collarbones, simple moons on neck, simple eyes on wrists. Optional tattoos: blackwork flowers-and-animal skulls right sleeve, left sleeve of geometric patterns and horror motifs. Ouija board on chest. Feel free to put whatever you want on his legs.
ENFJ. Strong sense of justice. Easily overwhelmed/overstimulated. Pretty much always stressed. Soft and caring, tends to take care of others; selfless.

Autistic, bipolar, ptsd, anxiety disorder, borderline personality disorder.
Queer, experiences attraction for any gender. Too many types to list. Switch.

Kinks include lingerie, harnesses, bondage, consensual noncon, emetophilia,food play, watersports, bruising/bruises, caning, oral (giving and receiving), wax play, blood play, slime, rituals, demons & angels.
coffee & tea ★ goth aesthetic & music ★ transgressive fiction ★ leftist activism ★ asian food ★ vintage pastel toys ★ anime & cartoons ★ super depressing music & movies ★ horror ★ true crime ★ occultism & witchcraft ★ moths ★ body mods ★ co-operative culture
excessive heat & humidity ★ dairy ★ liars & two-faced people ★ late-stage capitalism ★ nazis, fascists, white supremacists ★ maoists & tankies ★ slow or lazy days ★ most musicals ★ driving
  • Favorite movies are Inland Empire, The Shining, and Velvet Goldmine.
  • Favorite books are House of Leaves, Naked Lunch, God Jr., & Watership Down.
  • Has a habit of watching the same movies or listening to the same songs on repeat.
  • Favorite musicians include Coil, Baths, Xiu Xiu, Carissa's Weird, Bright Eyes, The Body, Jack Off Jill, Clipping., Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, The Cure, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Alice Glass, Chelsea Wolfe, Pharmakon, and Parenthetical Girls, but he likes all kinds of music.
  • Political stance is staunchly left, somewhere around anarcho-communism